Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feature Gift of the Week

                        Trivets and Tea Tiles

I thought it might be cool to feature a product each week that I think is so unique and different. Of course, I think that all of my mom's handpainted pieces are unique! But, this one is special because it will bring a HUGE smile to both parents and grandparents. Who doesn't just love having something with the kid's names or grandkid's names displayed for all to see. In my house, the kitchen is the gathering place for most functions. One can have a party or gathering, clean the entire house making sure each room is spotless, and find that the only room that is being used is the kitchen. Am I right? Well, this personalized trivet can be proudly displayed for all to see and admire.

It features the family name and has delicious colorful cupcakes along with family member names. How cute is that?

This week, this new item can be purchased under Feature Gift of the Week for $32.95, but we always sell it in our Teen/Adult Gift Section.

Take a look at our new Black/White Contemporary Gift Section too.  A lot is happening at THE PAINTED NAME !

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